Welcome to the Crest at Wailuna, the official website for homeowners.

Our Mission Statement

To develop a sense of community through the promotion of common interests

preserving the aesthetics of the neighborhood, enhancing the value of our property,
and maintaining a high quality of life within the Crest.

2024 Annual Tree Trimming Notice

The Annual tree Trimming will be done during weekends in August.  Trimming will include Satin Leaf trees along Units #1-50, Jacaranda trees along units #117-134, and Shower Trees in the park. Please avoid the vicinity that the contractor will be working.  Please move...

2024-2025 Insurance Summary

Aloha Crest Owners: The 2024-2025 insurance renewal summary is enclosed for your home files, and submittal to your mortgage company/lender, if needed. Management received many email and phone call requests for this information, and posting of this summary will be...

KSBE Vegetation Management Work

Aloha Crest at Wailuna Residents: KSBE will be conducting vegetation management work on their property, which surrounds the perimeter of the Crest’s property, see attached map. They will start next week through the end of June, weather permitting. Their selected...