Welcome to the Crest at Wailuna home owners website.

Our Mission Statement

To develop a sense of community through the promotion of common interests

preserving the aesthetics of the neighborhood, enhancing the value of our property,
and maintaining a high quality of life within the Crest.

Aloha Lots 106 through 135:

This notice is being sent to you on behalf of your Crest at Wailuna Board of
Directors regarding an upcoming inspection by Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates,
Inc. This is the consulting firm contracted by the Board to assist in the iron fence
replacement project. They will be in company logo attire, or they will have proper
identification (company business cards, name tag, etc.) with them on this

Kimm Miyahara and her team will be on site next week Monday, August 14, 2023,
starting at 9am to Noon. They will be conducting their inspection at the rear
section of your home’s lot and may need access through your front yards, if access
is not possible from the rear. Please feel free to question anyone you see roaming
about the property, for security purposes.